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Annual Eye Exam


An annual eye exam is an important part of staying healthy. Dr. Tuong will check your vision and determine if you need glasses. She will also check the health of the eyes to screen for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Contact Lens Exam


Do you wish to see clearly without the need of glasses? Contact lenses are a great option! We evaluate your eye health and determine which lenses will deliver comfortable vision and ensure your eyes remain healthy. We offer contacts for astigmatism and bifocal contacts. 



Thinking about visual freedom from glasses and contacts? Ask Dr. Tuong about LASIK. Our surgical partners offer the latest technology in laser vision correction.

Specialty Contact Lens


Patients who have been diagnosed with certain conditions such as keratoconus are unable to see clearly with glasses. Dr. Tuong is residency trained and has helped many patients see clearly with customized contact lenses designed to rehabilitate the vision.

Urgent Visit


Do you have think you have an eye infection? Are you seeing flashes of light, new floaters, or have sudden blurry vision or painful eyes? Call us for a same

day appointment to have your eyes checked. 

Dry Eye Treatment


Do you suffer from chronic dry eyes? Are you eyes red, scratchy, and irritated? Are you having trouble wearing contact lenses? Schedule a consultation for dry eyes. Through a series of test, Dr. Tuong will evaluate your eyes and determine what is the best treatment for your case of dry eyes.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive eye care to patients of all age. With two convenient locations, we want to help you find individualized solutions to your eye care needs. Our doctor and staff are dedicated in providing you with the latest technology to give a modern approach to eye care. 

We accept most insurances!

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP): In-network and Out-of-Network plans

  • UHC Spectera

  • Cigna

  • Davis Vision

  • Loma Linda Risk Management

Plans may have copayments or deductibles. We recommend when booking an appointment to provide insurance information to verify benefits, copays, and deductibles. Patients will be responsible for any services not covered by insurance.

If not plan is not listed, please let us know! We would love to join your insurance network to see your family and friends.


Many of our patients continue to see us even when we are out-of-network. We can assist in filing paper work to have your insurance company reimburse you directly for services.

About Us
Our Services


Dr. Catherine Tuong was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Passion for eyes and optometry started with her first eye exam at age 15 after her parents received a letter from the school nurse reporting she had failed a vision screening. She chose to pursue optometry because vision is one of most precious things in life. After graduating from University of California, Irvine, she pursue optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry (Marshall B. Ketchum University) and graduated with honors in 2013. During optometry school, she gained valuable experience working at the surgeons and optometrists at NVISION Eye Centers, Indian Health Service HuHuKam, and Veterans Affairs Hospital in Salt Lake City. Dr. Tuong completed post-graduate a residency focused on advanced anterior segment care, specialty contact lenses, and refractive surgery at The Eye Center at the Southern College of Optometry and Eye Specialty Group in Memphis, TN. Dr. Tuong has numerous experience fitting patients in custom contact lenses. She serves as part time faculty at the University Eye Center at Ketchum Health in Anaheim teaching students and residents about contact lenses. Dr. Tuong has completed the rigorous coursework and requirements and was awarded fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry 2016.

Fun Facts:

Dr. Tuong is passionate about fitness and running. She is apart of a local running group has completed 5 half marathons and LA Marathon. She has already signed up for next year's LA Marathon!

Dr. Tuong loves food and sweets. In her free time, she is watching videos or reading blogs on cooking and new restaurants. Feel free to share your favorite restaurants!

Dr. Tuong is an active member and serves as a board member for the San Gabriel Valley Optometric Association.

Our Doctor


"She's always so friendly and very knowledgeable. Makes it very easy to ask questions and ensure concerns are taken care of." -AZ

"Great Service, Loved the Optometrist.  Dr. Catherine Tuong was lovely.  I am always nervous about Dr.s appointments, but she made me feel comfortable and were very helpful." -LB

"Dr. Tuong listened to what I had to say. I didn't feel rushed. She fit me in the most comfortable contacts" -BH

Happy Patients



951 N Milliken Ave

Ontario, Ca 91764

Tel: 909-481-9801 

Tues 10am-5pm

Wed 10am-5pm

Fri 10am-5pm

Club membership not required for services.

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